On the horizon

I get requests from people all the time. Do you have this scent or that scent. One scent I have been slow to bring to the market but plan to make up for in a big way is sandalwood.  I have purchased some very good (read expensive) sandalwood fragrance oil. My plan is to make a higher end soap and a Grandma Stash (GS) candle with this sandalwood fragrance.

We will also be introducing our Firedancer half pint candles. They wont have any money in them. They will be different scents than our GS candles. It is likely that some of the scents will be experimental and if they do really well as small candles they will graduate to GS candles. These candles will be exactly half the price of a GS candle, since they are half the size.

We will also be making smaller  4 oz candles and 3 oz tins only for the holidays..

We have introduced one of our new soaps. the Amber and Cinnamon Soap. We also have a soap called Black Magic that is colored with Alkenet root. It turned the soap a dark black color. ..so we called it Black Magic. We are saving it for Halloween, as it is a limited supply and we wont be making it again until next year. The scent is a mix of amber, musk, vanilla with a base of violet and lily of the valley.  The vanilla is one of the reasons this soap went so dark. Like I tell everyone, if you are buying vanilla soap, it will be brown, or it is synthetic vanilla. So, the vanilla in this scent mixed with the alkenet root and gave us Black Magic! We will also be making a new lemon scented soap and a new pomegranate and sage soap for Christmas.

Well, that is a bit of a look at the future for Firedancer.