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We are evolving!

We are adding to our Stardancer Line. We have added spa products.  We have been busy formulating and making some very fine products for you. We started out with a Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Scrub with a Peach scent which is perfect for the summertime itchies. More to come about scrubs in another post soon. Then we made a Brown Sugar Scrub with Apples and Cinnamon scent.

We are no stranger to Salt Scrubs. We have been making Sea Salt scrubs almost as long as soap. I remember one year I gave out Sea Salt Scrubs for Christmas, and had the grand kids help with the coloring and scenting. The formula was very simple then. Now we have a nut oil free salt scrub, which means it is made with  only oils from non nut sources, for folks who may be allergic to nuts. For those that arent allergic I used a variety of oils including Sweet Almond oil. Did I mention we also made a couple of white sugar scrubs? One with vanilla bean specks and another with a heather scent.  Yum for both!

I have always wanted to make lotion bars and whipped lotion products. So, I have been squirreling away the ingredients necessary to make lotions etc for about a year. Started with buying Jars.  Now, that is an adventure in it’s self. There are a bazillion jars to choose from out there! I wanted nice and functional jars, and a variety of sizes. So after a year of gathering  I believe I have accomplished this. Of course, I think I could use a bunch more!!  I digress..

So,  anyway I made these awesome lotion bars in half ounce and one ounce sizes and they smell like roses!  Then, I thought what the heck, let’s try to whip up some lotion … literally. And so I did!  And Oh My Goodness it is really nice! My husband and dish washer said while he was washing the lotion dishes, he first tried the lotion, then he did the dishes. He says his hands felt great! lol  It melts on contact and a little goes a long way.

I was asked by a long time customer to make something for her feet and callous’. So got to work and formulated something we are calling TLC.  It has cocoa butter, shea butter and menthol. It also melts on contact and has this cooling effect. It is really kinda cool..get it?? lol

Another product is luxurious bath teas. I acquired  a boatload of dried herbs and flowers and put together some really awesome Tea Bags. I will also use these to infuse oils for our baby soap.  I wasn’t sure how they would be received, so I  gave some out at work. Thus far I have gotten great feedback.

I have saved the best for last. I have what I am calling  Un-Stinky. It is meant to be put in a shoe to absorb the stinky foot odor. I came up with a formula, but wasn’t sure it worked. So, again, I took some samples to work. Asked folks if they had kids with stinky feet. Found some takers. One mom says NOTHING she has tried has worked on her kids shoes. So she gave it a test for both kids.  She reported back that she was pleased with the product, couldn’t find any down side. She went on to say her daughter who is just at the age of chasing boys was embarrassed by her stinky shoes, and is so happy her shoes don’t smell. She feels much better.  This makes me so happy!  Word has gotten out, and  I am selling this product like it going out of style…

Check us out in Huntington Beach this up coming weekend..


pictures to follow!

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