About Us

Fire Dancer Candles and Star Dancer Bath Werks  was launched in 2013 by Ruth and Gayle, who have a passion for great smelling, hand poured candles and bath goods. We began making fine hand crafted soaps in 1999 for a small handful of our friends and co-workers. Because of Ruth’s love of scent she found she had a LOT of scents and too much soap for just her friends and family. Around 2012 she began teaching herself how to make candles. When she finally found a formula that created a long burning, fragrant candle her and her husband Gayle started off by selling the soaps and candles at a local farmers markets. During the farmers market Ruth also began making bath bon bons, salt scrubs and a variety of other bath products.  Eventually we set off to share our hand crafted candles and bath products with a wider market.  We now find  ourselves traveling the whole state of California, attending music festivals, arts and craft fairs, and just about any street fair or gathering that seems interesting to us.

We have always had a warm reception, and our hand poured Mystery Candles have always been a hot seller (pun intended!).  Our bath products have also gotten rave reviews and year after year we have developed a following.  Whether you’re here after buying our candles, soaps or other product from us on one of our many adventures  and our label refers you to this website,, which they all will for a while, because I printed a ZILLION labels,  or you’re here because you’ve found our website online, we’d like to personally welcome you to the FireDancer StarDancer family.

After a while, we realized  we  started to build up a bit of a following, and we would see the same familiar faces time and time again. It wasn’t quite a ‘cult’ following, but it was a following none the less, and people would travel far and wide to pick up one of our fantastic Mystery Candles and our many assorted bath products.  People would always ask us ‘Can we buy these online?’ and to be honest, we’re not web developers at all, but we set about the task of creating a website, and this is why you are here today!

Our website is handmade and our photographs are shot by us on our favorite picnic table, with a white sheet, dollar store crate, and an Apple iPad. As with our candles, and bath products everything you see here is created by us, and we’re kind of proud of that.

We encourage you to explore our websites, check out our mystery candles, and  our bath products which include soaps, scrubs, solid bubble bath, and pre teen deodorant just to name a few. The website here will have a list of our upcoming events. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We are evolving!

We are adding to our Stardancer Line. We have added spa products.  We have been busy formulating and making some very fine products for you. We started out with a Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Scrub with a Peach scent which is perfect for the summertime itchies. More to come about scrubs in another post soon. Then we made a Brown Sugar Scrub with Apples and Cinnamon scent.

We are no stranger to Salt Scrubs. We have been making Sea Salt scrubs almost as long as soap. I remember one year I gave out Sea Salt Scrubs for Christmas, and had the grand kids help with the coloring and scenting. The formula was very simple then. Now we have a nut oil free salt scrub, which means it is made with  only oils from non nut sources, for folks who may be allergic to nuts. For those that arent allergic I used a variety of oils including Sweet Almond oil. Did I mention we also made a couple of white sugar scrubs? One with vanilla bean specks and another with a heather scent.  Yum for both!

I have always wanted to make lotion bars and whipped lotion products. So, I have been squirreling away the ingredients necessary to make lotions etc for about a year. Started with buying Jars.  Now, that is an adventure in it’s self. There are a bazillion jars to choose from out there! I wanted nice and functional jars, and a variety of sizes. So after a year of gathering  I believe I have accomplished this. Of course, I think I could use a bunch more!!  I digress..

So,  anyway I made these awesome lotion bars in half ounce and one ounce sizes and they smell like roses!  Then, I thought what the heck, let’s try to whip up some lotion … literally. And so I did!  And Oh My Goodness it is really nice! My husband and dish washer said while he was washing the lotion dishes, he first tried the lotion, then he did the dishes. He says his hands felt great! lol  It melts on contact and a little goes a long way.

I was asked by a long time customer to make something for her feet and callous’. So got to work and formulated something we are calling TLC.  It has cocoa butter, shea butter and menthol. It also melts on contact and has this cooling effect. It is really kinda cool..get it?? lol

Another product is luxurious bath teas. I acquired  a boatload of dried herbs and flowers and put together some really awesome Tea Bags. I will also use these to infuse oils for our baby soap.  I wasn’t sure how they would be received, so I  gave some out at work. Thus far I have gotten great feedback.

I have saved the best for last. I have what I am calling  Un-Stinky. It is meant to be put in a shoe to absorb the stinky foot odor. I came up with a formula, but wasn’t sure it worked. So, again, I took some samples to work. Asked folks if they had kids with stinky feet. Found some takers. One mom says NOTHING she has tried has worked on her kids shoes. So she gave it a test for both kids.  She reported back that she was pleased with the product, couldn’t find any down side. She went on to say her daughter who is just at the age of chasing boys was embarrassed by her stinky shoes, and is so happy her shoes don’t smell. She feels much better.  This makes me so happy!  Word has gotten out, and  I am selling this product like it going out of style…

Check us out in Huntington Beach this up coming weekend..


pictures to follow!

How to take care of your soaps and candles

soap pic  When you purchase a good natural artisan soap and or a hand poured candle, there are some things you can do to increase their longevity and performance.

Did you know that most soap in the grocery store has talc in it? Did you know most soap sold in stores is really not soap, but a “bar” because it is not made with oils. Well it is made with oil..petroleum oil, which is why it is a “bar” and not Soap!

This is to keep the soap from becoming a glob of soap in the shower and bath. And.. .this is why you have white scum on your shower door, or bathtub that needs to be scrubbed off.  Natural soaps may leave a bit of a ring in your tub, due to the oils in the soaps, but nothing like the stuff store brand soaps will leave. And they will become a a glob if you don’t take care of them.

 To keep your soaps firm after you use them, you will need to give them a chance to dry out and firm up. Natural soaps will melt away to nothing if they are kept wet. I guess we could pack them full of preservatives, talc and other stuff, but in my mind, that would be defeating the purpose.  Some of our soaps do have really good clay’s in them, which helps with the slip, and the way they behave. But they also need to be kept dry. The best thing to do is purchase a soapdish that allows air to circulate around the bar of soap. This will give the soap a longer shelf life and you can enjoy it that much longer.


More open jars

More open jars

Candles also are notorious for smoking and leaving  black on the ceiling, including mine…why? ..because the wick is not trimmed.  It is not the wax, all candles including paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm, etc will smoke if the wick is not trimmed. All wicks need to be trimmed to 1/4 inch,  which creates a small steady flame that will not smoke.

Have you ever had a candle that burned down the middle with a bunch of wax up the sides? This is usually due to a lack of a memory burn. What is a memory burn? It is when you start a candle and burn it long enough for a complete pool of wax to cover the whole surface of the jar.  This means you need to burn the candle for a while to create this wax pool which then creates the memory burn. Everytime there after you wax should burn all the way across and burn evenly. Another issue people find with candles is tunneling, which is kinda related to the memory burn. This is when the candle burns down the wick and then leaves a thick wall of wax on the sides. This usually is because you have lit the candle and then blew it out without allowing the candle to create a melt pool. If you continue to do this eventually you will have a tunnel and nothing short of scrapping out the wax will fix it. You need to burn a candle for at least an hour or longer (but no longer than 4 hours at a time) to discourage tunneling.  Did you notice I said in parentheses no longer than 4 hours at at time? I say that because around 4 hours it is time to clip the wick and let the candle cool down, and maybe it is time to fish out that little silver packet?? Anyway after you clip the wick if you have your candle placed on a surface that is not affected by heat, there should be no reason why you cannot relight. Use your best judgement.

Feel free to order more soap off this blog. However, we dont ship candles in the summer, and in the winter it is questionable, due to the cost of shipping a candle.   Contact me and I will let you know the shipping costs..and if unreasonable ( I usually think it is) then I will let you know what part of the state we are in and when we plan to be in your neck of the woods.

Stay clean and have a good day



On the horizon

I get requests from people all the time. Do you have this scent or that scent. One scent I have been slow to bring to the market but plan to make up for in a big way is sandalwood.  I have purchased some very good (read expensive) sandalwood fragrance oil. My plan is to make a higher end soap and a Grandma Stash (GS) candle with this sandalwood fragrance.

We will also be introducing our Firedancer half pint candles. They wont have any money in them. They will be different scents than our GS candles. It is likely that some of the scents will be experimental and if they do really well as small candles they will graduate to GS candles. These candles will be exactly half the price of a GS candle, since they are half the size.

We will also be making smaller  4 oz candles and 3 oz tins only for the holidays..

We have introduced one of our new soaps. the Amber and Cinnamon Soap. We also have a soap called Black Magic that is colored with Alkenet root. It turned the soap a dark black color. ..so we called it Black Magic. We are saving it for Halloween, as it is a limited supply and we wont be making it again until next year. The scent is a mix of amber, musk, vanilla with a base of violet and lily of the valley.  The vanilla is one of the reasons this soap went so dark. Like I tell everyone, if you are buying vanilla soap, it will be brown, or it is synthetic vanilla. So, the vanilla in this scent mixed with the alkenet root and gave us Black Magic! We will also be making a new lemon scented soap and a new pomegranate and sage soap for Christmas.

Well, that is a bit of a look at the future for Firedancer.





The evolution of our booth.

This is a picture post showing all the changes our booth as gone thru for the past couple of years. We have a few more changes pending, as we are planning on adding new products and need to revise the space a bit. Look forward to our new booth in October!

The evolution of our booth is kinda interesting. it is a mix of needed changes and ease of use for the customer. One major change – we started using a tin for each candle scent. We fondly call these Sniffers or Smellers.  We were actually wasting candles, because as you will see a couple of pictures down, we opened a candle to sniff. When the wind blew, cinders and dirt would blow onto the surface of the candle.  So the candles became unsellable. I mean seriously, who wants a dirty candle? The waste was becoming crazy, so I looked around my craft room and discovered the little tins…and the rest is history.

Our first Booth: Not the best organization, eh?

Our first 2 tier display

Opened the jars to provide customers with smells. Problem was they always got dirty when the wind blew.

Opened the jars to provide customers with smells. Problem was they always got dirty when the wind blew.

The debut of the 'sniffer". now the candles will stay clean!

The debut of the ‘sniffer”. now the candles will stay clean!

Old Soap Display and old wraps.

Old Soap Display and old wraps.

Here is the next major evolution of our booth. Tried many ways to display our candles and soaps. None of them really worked. We just were not showcasing our product. After some contemplation and thought we came up with a design for a take apart shelving unit.  Yeah, I know, we are the ONLY ones in the whole world that has come up with this design..lol  Never the less,  my dear hubby and partner in crime made our shelving units. They have been wonderful. They break down well, and store well. They also showcase all my products! We have done some minor revisions, and have a new addition planned soon, including double shelves for corner booths and another tier for our new candles.


Our new display shelves







Yep, this is a keeper! But I am not that fond of the baskets…

ahhh, using trays for soap now. An improvement over the baskets! We are at Fresno State Vintage Days 2015 in this picture.


Ahhh, using trays for soap now.  An improvement over the baskets!

Here we are in Simi Valley at the Cajun Blues Festival 2015. Had a wonderful time and looking forward to next year

Just like the way this looks..Cajun Blues Festival.

Just like the way this looks..Cajun Blues Festival.

At the Clovis Farmers Market Summer 2015. Talk about HOT… How does 103+ sound?


Happy Face Soap

Today I wish to discuss our Happy Face Soap. It has activated Bamboo Charcoal with Tea Tree oil. The base oils consist of Lard…OH MY GOODNESS did I say Lard…Yes I did. Lard has wonderful properties it will help harden a soap bar, is non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog your pores. It is kind to your skin and has moisturizing properties. But I digress, I have added all non-comedogenic oils to this soap including castor oil, Kukui nut oil, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Safflower oil, Grapeseed oil and touch of Jojoba oil. I also added a bit of Bentonite clay for extra oil absorption.

For those of you who actually make soap here are the percentages I have used. You can run them thru your lye calculator and adjust the oil amounts. I use percentages so adjust as necessary.

Happy Face Soap
Oil %
Lard 14.7
Castor 5.9
Kukui Nut 6.9
Sunflower 15.1
Shea Butter 5.8
Safflower 17.4
Grapeseed 4.3
Jojoba 2.9
THe next two are dependent upon the quantity of soap you make.
1 tea activated bamboo charcoal
1 tea bentonite clay

Stay clean til next time

Baby soap

Baby soap is not just for babies!! I love baby soap! It is one of the mildest soaps around. I make my baby soap from mostly olive oil. What sets my baby soap apart is the fact that I infuse my olive oil with botanicals prior to making the soap.

My ‘Oh Baby’ soap is my official baby soap for babies. I infuse the olive oil with chamomile flowers for about 8-10 hours prior to making the soap. The flowers steep into the oil, giving it a soothing fragrance, which idealy will help send baby fast to sleep after it’s soothing bath.

I also make a lavender based baby soap. We call it our “Adult” baby soap. For this soap I infuse lavender buds, strain them and the slight hint of lavender is released as you wash. I have sold quite a bit of this soap to folks who have delicate skin. I have gotten rave reviews from my customers who love the mildness of the soap. This is one of our best selling soaps.

Our other “baby soaps” are Rose and Sugar and Honey and Salt. And you guessed it I steeped roses in olive oil for 8 hours for the Rose and Sugar baby soap and the Honey baby soap has a lots of honey and smells like honey. You can see where the honey and salt combine in the bar.

What baby soaps are on the horizon? I dont know, been thinking maybe a mint baby soap, a green tea or maybe a rosemary baby soap. Will have to give it a test run to see how those fair before I bring them to market. Any suggestions?? I will gladly enterain them!

Stay Clean and smell good… til tomorrow!